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The purpose of this step-by-step technical guide is to assist local public health departments and their community partners in the collection, analysis, and usage of priority living conditions data indicators for local community health assessments, program/policy development, and health equity advocacy.

Included in this guide are an introduction section with a Bay Area regional social gradient analysis using concentrated poverty, educational attainment, cause of death and life expectancy data; 15 “how to analyze” social determinants of health (SDOH) indicator chapters; a table of 72 priority SDOH indicators and their data sources; and technical data appendices.

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Each of the following 15 step-by-step chapters include information on how each of the SDOH indicators is associated with inequitable health outcomes, technical data steps for health equity analyses, and concrete examples of local public health strategies and interventions that use data from social determinants to address health inequities through program and policy to create healthier communities.

Service Domain

Economic Domain

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