LEO Alumni Practitioner Application

We invite everyone who has completed all 3 sessions of LEO Stage 1 and who want to deepen their practice of the tools to join us to support Stage 1.  There are currently 3 options for your participation.  Please read the descriptions and identify which role you'd like to apply for.  If you are unsure, feel free to contact Megan at mjoseph@risetogetherbayarea.org


 1. VOLUNTEER PRACTITIONEROpen to all alumni who have completed Stage 1 at least once.  We encourage participants to refresh their learning and participate in Stage 1 again. Because no registration fee is charged, volunteers are expected to arrive early and stay late to support the logistics of the program.  

2. PRACTITIONER COACH: The PC role is for those we are interested in learning how to deliver coach others and deliver the sessions, going deeply into not only the practice of the tools, but facilitating the learning process for others.  

Level 1: Table Anchors 

This is open to alumni who have completed Stage 1 at least once and are in regular practice with the tools.   As a Level 1 PC you will help anchor participant tables and hold space for certain tools and practices, with support and instruction from the program facilitators.  

Level 2:  Table, Pod and Speaking Session Anchors

This is open to alumni who have completed Stage 1 at least TWICE​.  In addition to anchoring tables, you will hold space for the Transformational Speaking session and coach pods, with support from the program facilitators.  

Level 3 & 4 Practitioner Coach are by invitation only.  More information about a Level 3/4 Certification program is coming soon!

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