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Training Series- August and September 2021

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

BARHII General Membership Meeting

Letting the People Lead: Strategies for Elevating Community Voice in COVID Recovery Investment Decision-making

Friday, August 20, 10am-12pm

We’re kicking off our series with a special General Membership Meeting on Friday, August 20 on bringing perspectives from BIPOC communities into recovery investment decisions. We’ll explore strategies to identify and advance community priorities in local recovery investment decision-making, including the role of community-specific taskforces. We’ll also examine how local governments can fund community engagement activities with COVID recovery dollars.

We’ll be joined by exciting speakers, including Alegría De La Cruz, Director of the Sonoma County Office of Equity, representatives of the California Association of Counties and the Bay Area’s Pacific Islander Task Force, and others.


In the Room Where It Happens: Funding Equity Officer Positions for Emergency Management

Wednesday, September 22, 10am-12pm

Equity Officers are an essential part of disaster management, addressing crises like pandemics, wildfires, extreme heat events and everyday inequities. They’re literally “in the room where it happens,” part of the inner circle of decisionmakers, infusing equity considerations into all phases of a local government’s emergency actions. They also bring resources, including a staff unit to support them, to implement equity solutions and serve as a bridge between local BIPOC communities and fast-moving government processes.

This webinar will explore strategies to embed these equity-focused leadership roles in local government, including a new $32 million grant from the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) for equity infrastructure in local health departments.

We’ll be joined by Rohan Radhakrishna, the new Director of CDPH’s Office of Health Equity.

Media Spokesperson Training: Lending Our Voices for Equity Investments

Part One: Tuesday, October 5, 10am-12pm

Part Two: Wednesday, October 6, 10am-12pm

To guide COVID recovery investments to BIPOC communities, we need to be effective messengers—able to articulate what’s at stake and what needs to be done.

In this free two-part training, Berkeley Media Studies Group (BMSG) will provide tools and guidance to local government staff and community organizations to communicate powerfully with the media in support of equity investments. Our trainers will help participants be prepared to talk confidently with reporters, frame the issue to connect to their policy goal, and stay on message even when answering hard questions. BMSG will provide strategies for developing a media strategy and lead the group through a series of hands-on exercises to practice interviewing skills and receive feedback.

Participants are required to register for both sessions.

To sign up, contact BARHII’s Will Dominie.

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