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BARHII Launches New COVID-19 Investment Guide

This week , we’re releasing a powerful tool to support local government investment decisions for an equitable rolling recovery from COVID-19. This new guide builds upon our previous COVID-19 response and recovery guides, and integrates the latest information on federal and state investment opportunities, identifies new priorities for local investment, and offers examples of promising practices from across the Bay Area. It incorporates expertise from hundreds of government leaders, public health professionals, and community members.

We encourage local government officials to use this tool to drive funding to the communities that have been hardest hit by the pandemic and pre-existing inequities. This is a moment to “go big”—working in partnership with community members to set priorities for catalytic change and invest in a just future for all Bay Area residents.

We’ll also be hosting a series of webinars in the coming months to support local leaders in advancing our Investment Guide priorities, including events to provide detailed guidance about upcoming federal and state funding sources. We’re kicking off with a special General Membership Meeting on Friday, August 20. See below for more details.

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