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Updates on Bay Area Early Childcare and Learning Ballot Measures

Here are the latest updates on how the local ballot measures endorsed by Rise Together fared at the June 5th ballot box.

Alameda County Measure A: (FAILED) Would have expanded access to child care and preschool for low- and middle-income families, solicited and retain child care workers, aided homeless and at-risk children — including with child abuse and neglect prevention help — and added child care spaces around the county. The measure needed 2/3 (67%) voter approval and we are disappointed that it failed by a small margin with 66.2 percent approval and 35.4 percent rejection.

City of Richmond Measures E & K: (PASSED) Measure E, which requires the city of Richmond to allocate up to 3 percent of general fund money into a special fund to provide services to children and youth, passed with more than 75% voter approval. Measure K, a complementary measure to E, removes the city’s 20 percent cap on funds going to public entities, also passed with 65% approval.

San Francisco Prop C: (PASSED) Calls for a 3.5 percent increase in the gross receipts tax on commercial buildings and 1 percent for warehouses to provide the city with enough funds ($146 million annually) to help more than 2,400 children on a wait list for child care subsidies.

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