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Support a Bay Area that Works for All

A Strong Start for Every Child. Affordable Housing for Every Individual. Quality Employment for All Workers.

What will it take to scale up solutions to equitably meet these critical needs for the most vulnerable in the Bay Area? How do we align across sectors and geographies to solve these issues? What is working in urban, suburban and rural communities? What’s needed? What’s next? Join us for Rise Together’s Opportunity Summit 2018 -a full day conference exploring collaborative solutions for some of the Bay Area’s toughest problems. Hear from local, state and national experts who are creating collaborative and innovative solutions. Connect with colleagues from across the region. Plug in to new opportunities to learn more and take action.

We are excited to announce Fred Blackwell as the keynote speaker for Opportunity Summit 2018. Mr. Blackwell is the CEO of The San Francisco Foundation, one of the largest community foundations in the country. He is an Oakland native and is a nationally recognized community leader with a longstanding equity focused career in the Bay Area. Learn more about Mr. Blackwell here.

Topics include the following:

  • The Current Landscape of Housing, Employment and Education Issues in the Bay Area

  • Innovative Government and Community Collaborations to Ensure Equity

  • How Workforce Development Systems are Shifting to Serve our Most Vulnerable Populations

  • Bright Spots in Employment for Individuals Facing Systemic Barriers

  • Building Political Will to Fund Quality Affordable Early Childhood Education

  • Local innovations in Funding Early Childhood Education

  • Uniting the Housing Movement: What Will it Take to Align Housing Advocacy & Scale Solutions?

  • Local Bright Spots in Addressing the Housing Crisis

  • Philanthropic Innovations for Equity, Scale and Results

Check out the full agenda and speaker list here!

Learn more and register for the Opportunity Summit:

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