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Give Our Kids the Resources to Succeed

We’ve all heard that babies’ brains are like sponges—and it’s true. Our little ones watch everything we do and absorb the information around them. This begins the minute a baby is born. In its first year a baby’s brain develops over 1 million new neural connections per second.

That is why early childhood care and education is critically important for infants, toddlers and

preschoolers. In fact, research shows us that kids who receive quality early childhood care and education do better in school, are more likely to attend college and are better prepared for the workforce.

But sadly, California is failing our kids. The state has cut early education programs by $1 billion over the past 10 years and as a result, too many children don’t have access to early development programs. Affordability, distance from home and limited spaces are preventing too many children from access to early development that can transform their lives and strengthen our state.

  • 86% of eligible babies and toddlers do not have access to public early childhood care and education programs.

  • 75% of families seeking licensed childcare for infants and toddlers can’t find it.

  • Quality infant care costs $13,327 per year, as much as University of California tuition and fees of $13,222 per year.

  • 65% of children age 0-3 live in poverty or other circumstances with potential to jeopardize their learning, health and well-being.

For the sake of a stronger California, this must change. Choose Children 2018 is a new initiative, led by the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, that aims to ensure our next governor is a champion for young children. The campaign seeks for California’s new governor to take immediate action during the first 100 days of their administration and beyond to invest in and support early childhood care and education.

Visit to show your support for early childhood care and education, and to receive regular email updates from the campaign. You’ll be the first to hear about new developments, events, and ways to get involved.

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