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Brace for Impact: What Possible Federal Budget Cuts Mean for the Bay Area

The federal budget blueprint kicked off in high gear with the release of administration spending plan in March. While the President's budget priorities are far from being finalized by Congress, the anticipated impact of proposed cuts may be widespread across housing, transportation, health, arts, workforce, immigration, and many other areas. How will cuts impact public service, communities and nonprofits in the Bay Area?

Rise Together Executive Director, Megan Joseph joined a distinguished panel of experts, public officials, and community leaders to make sense of what’s to come and how each of the 9 Bay Area counties are responding to and preparing for federal budget cuts at the Northern California Grantmakers' event on Friday, June 9, 2017. An updated version of our Bay Area Responds: County by County Resistance to Federal Actions landscape analysis was also shared at the forum. Read full document here

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