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County by County Planning and Response to New Federal Landscape

Rise Together recently convened our Power of 9 committee, made up of a diverse array of representatives from each of our 9 Bay Area counties. We asked each county to share with us how they are approaching planning and response to the new Federal political landscape. Here is what we have learned so far:

Alameda County:

Contra Costa County:

  • Advocates are calling on elected officials to respond to uncertainty from the Federal level

  • Racial Justice Coalition is meeting & strategizing to establish safe zones created by grassroots and push for less cooperation with ICE

  • Creating channels to share information with local funders, media, CBOs, etc for rapid response

  • A Town Hall was hosted on the ACA with Supervisor District (400 people attended)

  • Strategizing on protecting Safety Net and the potential fiscal impact

  • Know your Rights workshop with community and First 5 families

Marin County:

Napa County:

San Francisco City/County:

San Mateo County:

Santa Clara County

Solano County

Sonoma County

If you know of other efforts happening in your county, please share them with us!

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