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Opportunity Summit Convened Thought Provoking Speakers

The Opportunity Summit: Activating the Power of 9 Counties for a Shared Prosperity was held on

Friday, February 3, 2017 from 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM in the Nile Hall at Preservation Park in downtown Oakland. Over 200 participants from 9 Bay Area counties were represented from various sectors including philanthropy, academia, government, community based and grassroots organizations. The Summit featured more than 40 dynamic speakers, 2 amazing youth performers and endless inspiration for action. The Summit provided important space for post-election discussion with many participants commenting on the depth and diversity of content and perspectives represented.

Some of the accolades we’ve received

-- “I'm super impressed with the event organization and the choice of provoking and thoughtful speakers. Thank you each and every one who worked to make this event happen wonderfully. Looking forward to taking the Opportunity Summit forward and to the next level that advances our collective work into more equitable inclusive communities.”

-- “I appreciated the focus on and candid conversations about race equity, I look forward to continued work together on critical issues.”

-- “I was moved to tears on several occasions, and I'm not typically easy in that regard. It was a very special occasion.”

--“Like-minded people and organizations gathered to change the narrative about equity, access, and opportunity, and to create an agenda for change.”

-- “This was the best conference I ever attended.”

What's Next?

We are committed to building on the momentum started at the Summit to move toward regional action together by leveraging the power of 9 counties to create economic opportunity for all. We hope you will join us! Here are some ways to get involved: 1. Check out the presentations shared at the Summit on our website by clicking on the presenter's name to see their deck. 2. Based on input from attendees, we have launched a modern Listserve through for us all to stay connected, share information and engage. You will be invited via email to participate! 3. Be a part of the regional movement for equity, opportunity and shared prosperity - Join Rise Together as a partner organization. 4. Apply to the Leadership for Equity & Opportunity program, designed to support change makers like you! 5. Contact Megan for information about the Power of 9 Action Committee to get more deeply involved in designing regional action.

6. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest information.

Thank You

A big thanks to the Summit sponsors and partners for helping to make this event possible!

California Forward | Employment Training Panel | Insight Center for Community Economic Development | Kiva | Northern California Grantmakers | REDF | Stanford Center for Poverty and Inequality | United Way Bay Area | Whole Foods

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