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Rise Together: Transformational Leadership Development Program

"Public health leadership is ‘the practice of mobilizing people, organizations, and communities to effectively tackle tough public health challenges.' That is why the San Francisco Department of Public Health​ is sending health equity teams for intensive training at Rise Together's Leadership for Equity & Opportunity learning-in-action program,” according to Dr. Tomas Aragon, Health Officer and Director of the Population Health Division at the San Francisco Department of Public Health.

Leadership for Equity & Opportunity (LEO) is a unique learning-in-action program that equips diverse group of community leaders to produce extraordinary results for systemic and equitable change. Facilitated by Dr. Monica Sharma, former Director of Leadership & Capacity Development for the United Nations, the 9-days training program builds a network of partners for collective action to strategically shift policies, systems and norms perpetuating our region’s economic, social and political inequalities.

To foster a thriving Bay Area with opportunity and shared prosperity for all, we need systems oriented leaders who can fundamentally move beyond siloed or competitive mindsets to work across sector and organization, with courage to change the status quo and move beyond traditional power dynamics. This transformational change requires collaborative and aligned efforts that foster leadership, grow power at all levels and develop a shared understanding of the complex issues to effectively address roots cause of poverty in the Bay Area.

Learn more and apply HERE

A thought-provoking article from the Stanford Social Innovation Review calls on the philanthropic sector to “shift funding from charity to justice”. This is not just about where you put your money. True systems change requires all involved - including funders, community based organizations and advocates alike - to be willing to give up position, power and status quo to re-organize, do things differently and produce lasting outcomes. This new framework of fundamental shifts are needed now more than ever. We are all in, and you can learn more about this approach in the Leadership for Equity & Opportunity (LEO) Program.

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