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  • Laura Zablit

Bay Area Council's Matt Regan Talks Candidly About Local Housing Bonds

“For a civilized society, we cannot keep on keeping on the way we’re going,” Matt Regan, Senior Vice President Government Relations, Bay Area Council, says in his trademark Irish lilt, morning coffee in hand. Regan has 15 years of political experience and is a strong supporter of building housing at all levels of affordability. This election cycle, he’s fighting for ballot measures A1 and A in Alameda and Santa Clara, which will collectively generate more than $1.5 billion for affordable housing--if two thirds of each county’s voters approve it. “It’s critical that we have these bonds to prevent the complete fracturing of our low income communities, and the complete dislocation of people of color and people who don’t write code for a living.” Read the full article here:

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