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Take Action on Bay Area Housing Policy

Driven by an unprecedented crisis in affordable housing and residential displacement in recent years, tenant protections movement is spreading across the Bay Area cities. Alameda, Burlingame, Oakland, Mountain View, Richmond, and San Mateo will vote on rent control and just cause eviction measures on the November 8th ballot. At the county level, Alameda and Santa Clara will also vote on affordable housing bonds aim at creating affordable housing options for seniors, veterans, people with disabilities, low-income and others most in need. Join Rise Together along with scores of faith based groups, healthcare organizations, community based organizations, union/labor organizations and businesses to endorse each measure, make calls and raise awareness in order to bring fairness in a rental housing market and to stabilize the residential displacement crisis.

Alameda County Measure A1 - Affordable Housing Bond

Sign On Measure A1 - Phone Banking Sign Up Santa Clara County Measure A - Affordable Housing Bond Sign On Measure A - Phone Banking Tuesdays and Thursdays 3:00pm - 8:30pm 2102 Almaden Road, Suite 114

Local Rent Control & Just Cause Eviction Measures​

Measure M1 –City of Alameda Measure R – Burlingame Measure JJ - Oakland Measure V – Mountain View Measure L – Richmond Measure Q - City of San Mateo

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