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2019 Employment and Economic Security Policy Priorities for Shared Prosperity

AB 5 (Gonzalez): Gig Work Reform​ - Approved by Governor

AB -1421(Bauer-Kahan): prohibit the revocation of supervision for failure of a person to pay fines​ - Approved by Governor

AB -2 (Santiago, Bonta, McCarty, and Chiu): California College Promise: authorize funding to waive fees for 2 academic years for [first-time] students​ - Approved by Governor

AB 927 (Jones - Sawyer): Fines & Fees – defendant ability to pay​ - Vetoed by Governor

SB 337 (Skinner): Child Support payment - Vetoed by Governor

Failed in Committee​

AB-196 (Gonzalez): Paid Family Leave expansion but part of the bill woven into the Budget Act​

AB -1593 (Reyes): Earned Income Tax Credit expansion but part of the bill woven into Budget Act​SB – 26 (Caballero): Working Family Child Tax Credit

Fair Chance Hiring Project

Rise Together's Employment Workgroup is partnering with Insight Center for Community Economic DevelopmentUrban Strategies Council and Root & Rebound to drive policy and systems change in order to increase the employment of workers with a criminal record in high-growth and living-wage jobs in the Bay Area. This project will also be led by individuals with a criminal record and relevant stakeholder champions, with pilots in Alameda and Contra Costa counties. 

We will be conducting interviews to inform this work over the next 6 months.  Look for a Fair Chance Hiring Summit in early 2019!

Rise Together Employment Policy Agenda - 2018 Priorities

While there are many important bills introduced this year to impact access to employment in California, the following represent Rise Together's priority bills that will make a big difference in vulnerable populations accessing quality living wage employment, as set forth by our Power of 9 Committee.  You can read more about our full policy agenda and list of bills we are supporting HERE

AB 2138 (Chiu, Low) Business and Professional licensing for people with criminal records - would prohibit a person from being denied a license solely on the basis that he or she has been convicted of a nonviolent crime and would make conforming changes.


Fact sheet

Rise Together Letter of Support

Sample Letter of Support

AB 2066 (Stone) Personal Income Taxes –Expand CalEITC for low-wage workers and ensure that the CalEITC reaches all working Californians who file taxes yet are currently excluded from the federal and state EITCs including young adults, seniors and immigrant families.


Fact Sheet

Rise Together Letter of Support

Sample Letter of Support

New California laws would make it easier for ex-prisoners to get better jobs

Good jobs are crucial to deterring returns to prison, experts say, but many good jobs require licenses that are often denied to those with a criminal record.

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