Our Impact Areas

Our health departments and 200 community partners work together to create policies that protect health and increased economic opportunity. Because policy only improves our life when it's well implemented, we also provide training to government and community to help ensure policy and resources achieve our goals for health equity and shared economic prosperity. All of our work focuses on creating a more racially just and equitable world.

The 4 R's of COVID-19 Recovery

BARHII's Equitable Rolling Recovery Plan

BARHII has taken a lead role in devising a strategy to help those most impacted by COVID-19: African Americans, Latinx and Pacific Islander communities.  

Our efforts involved engaging over 1000 individuals in the development of a Rapid Response & Rolling Recovery strategy.  

The underpinnings of this strategy acknowledge the interdependency between response and recovery and recommends devising these strategies simultaneously. Our plan uses early warning indicators and real-time data that enables organizations to create agile strategies that can be quickly adapted according to need. BARHII identified the following four priorities for organizations developing response and recovery strategies. 

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Require Basic Health Protections for Workers

Open For Business

Rebuild Financial Stability for Families, Small Businesses, and Social Enterprises

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Reconnect Communities and Protect Mental Wellness

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Revolutionize the Status Quo to Protect People of Color

Ongoing Health Equity Impact Areas


Economic Opportunity and Inclusion


Systems Change and Reform


Moving Money Upstream to Prevention

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Emergent Programs and Learning Areas


Community Safety and Resilience