Health Equity and Community Engagement

From 2009-2011, the BARHII Community Committee conducted qualitative assessments in seven local health jurisdictions to explore local priorities in health inequities and social conditions as well as highlight best practices and lessons learned related to (1) public health department and community agency collaborations and (2) how health inequity concerns are being addressed by both health departments and community agencies in the Bay Area.

The following reports summarize the 39 focus groups conducted and describe the perspectives of both health department and community agency staff on the following key themes that emerged:

  • Relationship building

  • Community engagement

  • Community capacity-building

  • Data collection and sharing

  • Partnership and collaboration development

  • Accessible community-based services

  • Upstream practices and policy change

  • Role of public health

  • Leadership support for health equity efforts

The findings in these reports can assist local health departments and community agencies in working together to implement common-goal strategies to improve health equity and the quality of life of all their residents.

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