Bay Area Black Housing Funding Request

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In summer 2020, BARHII, the coalition of the Bay Area’s local public health departments focused on health equity, joined with OCCUR, an Oakland‐based equity non‐profit, to catalyze the creation of a Black housing strategy for the Bay Area. BARHII and OCCUR began a series of conversations with Black
housing developers, Black housing advocates, and CBOs that provide housing and other services to underserved Black communities. These conversations resulted in the formation of the Bay Area Black Housing Advisory Taskforce, known as “Black HAT.”

On May 21, 2021, we held a strategy session that brought together 35 African American‐led community based
organizations with expertise in housing development, housing finance, and Black economic development to develop a coordinated strategy to invest in Black communities. This group, with decades of combined experience working towards Black housing and economic justice, identified critical regional investment priorities and compiled their shared pipelines to address Black housing needs in the areas of home ownership, neighborhoods and communities, homelessness and reentry, development and finance, and reparations.