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We are excited to announce our new brief jointly released by BARHII and the Public Health Alliance of Southern California titled Embedding Equity into Emergency Operations: Strategies for Local Health Departments During COVID-19 & Beyond. The brief outlines case studies, resources, and priority recommendations that counties and cities can take to explicitly and intentionally embed equity staff and practices into their emergency operations structures and throughout the public health emergency response and recovery process.

Click here to view the brief.

As more industries re-open (or never closed in the first place), it is essential that every worker have access to the protective gear and procedures they need to remain safe and healthy, especially people working in heavily impacted industries. Protecting workers is an equity issue—COVID risks are concentrated in Black and brown workers and workers with little power in the workplace, such as undocumented workers.  Protecting workers is also crucial to protecting everyone’s health.

BARHII did a preliminary scan of the physical workplace conditions facing essential workers, and of potential opportunities for health departments and their allies to improve these conditions. We recommend the suite of actions in the attached document to work toward physical protections for essential workers.

View the working document here.

 In the few short months that COVID has disrupted our nation, more people have died from COVID than have died in the Vietnam, Gulf, Afghanistan and Iraq Wars; the S&P 500 plummeted from an all-time high; thousands of businesses have closed; and unemployment—particularly among low income workers—has skyrocketed to a level not seen since the Great Depression.​ The cost of this outbreak has been disproportionately borne by communities of color. 

This dare not become, and should not be, the future’s new normal. Now, more than ever, public health must rise together to leverage their present power to correct the injustices of the past, and create a future that is equitable and just. BARHII has put together a rolling recovery plan where response and recovery are occurring simultaneously. Our plan is designed to use early warning indicators from our core team, BARHII and Rise Together members, and real time data to adjust our recovery strategy. Equity needs to happen in the decision making process, not just the outcomes.

Click here to view the 4 R's of COVID Recovery​.

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"Addressing poverty can in part be done at the local level, but the bigger question is what will it take to build a broader base of constituent interest to win? The constituent base to win and glued together is at the regional level—aligning local and county programs and budgets in a regional context that can also impact and inform legislative action at the state level.  That is why we need Rise Together."


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