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Summer 2022 Impact Report 

The Power of Public Health United: Catalyzing Health Equity  

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The last three years have catapulted health equity into the media spotlight. Now, we’re thrilled to share with you a series of stories from the front lines of health equity intervention during COVID-19.   
BARHII’s latest impact report tells the story of our coalition and honors the everyday heroes who responded quickly to COVID-19 and the national call for racial justice, catalyzing health equity across the Bay Area. 
From ensuring equity staff were assigned to emergency operations, to securing important housing stability wins in Vallejo, to keeping parks open and accessible across the region, this report tells the untold stories of what provided basic protections for us all during the pandemic.  
In our report, we share four major lessons about what it takes to realize our vision of an equitable, healthy, and just future during times of crisis:


  • Rapid learning and sharing of what works, plus immediate implementation, can create equity in real time.

  • On-the-ground coalitions of communities most impacted by inequities advance solutions rapidly and effectively.

  • Race-specific strategies save lives and reduce disparities.

  • Regional collaboration matters.

Read more stories about our partners, Bay Area-led initiatives, and lessons learned from our BARHII membership during the COVID-19 response and recovery process.

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